Our Second Starcast Superstars: are the amazing Edlington Community Organisation Choir (AChoiredTaste), based at the Yorkshire Main Rest Centre in Edlington.

Lynn and her absolutely dedicated crew of choir members from across the generations, were so excited to be nominated and we hope you will agree its absolutely well deserved.

Nominated by Susan Turner Brookes, for the sense of fun, community and spirit that goes with each practice.

Councillor Rob Reid (CIC Director, Edlington Town Councillor & City of Doncaster Councillor) attended the practice and was given the honour of listening to a number of songs. The Choir sang a Beautiful Rendition of The Fight Song, with lead vocals angelically sang by Kelly Long, which was now only performed for a very special lady, who has worked tirelessly at ECO for many years, who went through very difficult times. Councillor Reid, who was brought to tears during the performance said “The skills, love and vocal effort that the members put into each song, for each other and those listening in is admirable and shows a level of commitment and caring for one another, that, should show us all a new way to believe in our friends.”

(AChoiredTaste), based at the Yorkshire Main Rest Centre in Edlington practice every Wednesday from 5:30pm, why not go along and join in.

(AChoiredTaste) Edlington Community Organisation Choir, you are Starcast Superstars.

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